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Will the iPhone’s touch screen keyboard drive me nuts?

Should I get an iPhone?

Thats the question Ive been asking myself more and more lately. If you have read my other blog, Ive spoken about smartphones quite a bit in the last year. The reason being….I have a Treo that I have been using for almost 2 years. That is the longest I have ever used any cell phone by far. Basically I really like the Treo. I love all of the 3rd party apps available, I love all of the functionality. And the main thing I love about this phone…which actually started with the Sidekick is the full querty keyboard.

I sometimes check and write emails from that phone. Id have to say that is probably the function that gets used the most.

There are some reasons why I never considered buying a iPhone:

  • Internal non replaceable battery
  • No buttons…98% of everything you do is all touch screen
  • No 3rd party software allowed (well very few).
  • Not really interested in using my phone as an MP3 player.

Most of those non interest items I can live with but the touch keyboard just seems like it would annoy me to death. like I said, I type a lot on my Treo 650. On the iPhone, this is what you get.

iPhone's Touch Screen Keyboard

The problem is, as every day go by, and I read more and hear more about the iPhone, it really makes me want to take the plunge. But the keyboard. I know some people are talking about how “it will get better” or “it has a slight learning curve but you’ll get use to it” and frankly, I think many, if not all of the people making those statements have completely gotten drunk and mesmerized by Apple’s secret sauce. I just don’t believe any of those “it gets better after while” comments. Its a touch screen. Its a pain to use on my Treo, it has been a pain to use on other devices that has touch screens, its a pain to use at work where we have 15 -17 inch touch screen monitors. Why is Apple’s product going to be any different?

I don’t mind living through a little pain when all I have to do is click “answer” or “hang up“. But typing out an email? Trying to fire off a quick text msg before the boss comes? And forget trying to sneak off a quick question while driving…not that I try to do that, its dangerous…but Im just saying.

The iPhone is so cool looking, nice and slim and small. Makes my Treo feel more like a brick than it already does. Maybe i’ll head into the AT&T store this week to see if they will let me play around with it.

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