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Will the iPhone’s touch screen keyboard drive me nuts?

Should I get an iPhone?

Thats the question Ive been asking myself more and more lately. If you have read my other blog, Ive spoken about smartphones quite a bit in the last year. The reason being….I have a Treo that I have been using for almost 2 years. That is the longest I have ever used any cell phone by far. Basically I really like the Treo. I love all of the 3rd party apps available, I love all of the functionality. And the main thing I love about this phone…which actually started with the Sidekick is the full querty keyboard.

I sometimes check and write emails from that phone. Id have to say that is probably the function that gets used the most.

There are some reasons why I never considered buying a iPhone:

  • Internal non replaceable battery
  • No buttons…98% of everything you do is all touch screen
  • No 3rd party software allowed (well very few).
  • Not really interested in using my phone as an MP3 player.

Most of those non interest items I can live with but the touch keyboard just seems like it would annoy me to death. like I said, I type a lot on my Treo 650. On the iPhone, this is what you get.

iPhone's Touch Screen Keyboard

The problem is, as every day go by, and I read more and hear more about the iPhone, it really makes me want to take the plunge. But the keyboard. I know some people are talking about how “it will get better” or “it has a slight learning curve but you’ll get use to it” and frankly, I think many, if not all of the people making those statements have completely gotten drunk and mesmerized by Apple’s secret sauce. I just don’t believe any of those “it gets better after while” comments. Its a touch screen. Its a pain to use on my Treo, it has been a pain to use on other devices that has touch screens, its a pain to use at work where we have 15 -17 inch touch screen monitors. Why is Apple’s product going to be any different?

I don’t mind living through a little pain when all I have to do is click “answer” or “hang up“. But typing out an email? Trying to fire off a quick text msg before the boss comes? And forget trying to sneak off a quick question while driving…not that I try to do that, its dangerous…but Im just saying.

The iPhone is so cool looking, nice and slim and small. Makes my Treo feel more like a brick than it already does. Maybe i’ll head into the AT&T store this week to see if they will let me play around with it.


  1. I have to say that I have a Treo too and this isn’t making me feel a whole lot better after reading your post. I do have to say that I got a 40GB Ipod when it first came out and the Hard Drive was so sensitive that it would crash all the time. It was so annoying. Finally the warranty ran out. I waited a couple years. I got a Nano for cheaper and it was worth it. I have learned from that experience to wait a little while so the other rats in the race can buy it for a higher price and before they make the adjustments to it.

  2. Dude go to an apple store the one where i live has live four of them sitting out for people to text, call, and type on. If you like it buy if not don’t

  3. I, too, have a Treo; been using it for a while now and I don’t find the need to replace it anytime soon. When the iPhone actually hits the store shelves in Asia, then I could reconsider.

  4. […] the iPhone hype. I really liked the phone but I had my questions and concerns about the device. One of which was typing text msgs and emails on a touch screen. Another was the price (which has been helped a little already with the price drop). Last week my […]

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  6. […] Typing on the touchscreen was another concern of mine and I will admit, I have gotten somewhat use to using the touch screen. I can sent out quick little text messages now with little effort. Text messages, making calls and general interface use is where it ends though. Typing web pages, emails, and searching, whether its at a web page or using the Youtube app always makes me wish I had a real keypad (Qwerty of coarse). Apple did a good job with the touch interface, but I want buttons. It took about 15 minutes to get connected to my WiFi at home, trying to type my routers WiFi password (I use the GRC perfect password). […]

  7. Everybody loves their IPod. What’s not to like about carrying most of your favorite songs on the road with you, right? The unfortunate thing about the Ipod is it’s controlled by ITunes software, a program with more bugs than a Beta Microsoft program. There are a million annoying things about this software, but the most annoying of all is that if something goes wrong (after the first 90 days from your purchase) you will find very little support. Apple will provide stock questions for support issues, but makes contacting them regarding specifics extremely difficult. Unfortunately, once iTunes is screwed up you have your choice of never loading a new song on your Ipod again or wiping your hard drive clean. I’m hoping some day there will be a high end MP3 player you can load from Windows, but it looks like I’m in for a long wait.

  8. I love the touch screen, I don’t think its bothersome at all. I imagine you will like it once you own one.

  9. I do have one now. got it back in November. I have to say, the touchscreen is the worst part of the iPhone. For me, it ruins it. So much so that I’m pretty sure I will replace it with a phone that has real buttons. maybe the blackberry bold.

    Ive written about it here.

  10. Well, i just purchased a new version of the Iphone yesterday and i really think that the keyboard is cool. I have to admit though, i really wouldn’t care how the keyboard felt, i just like being seen with the phone…lol.

  11. I think the touch screen is awesome. Sure it does have some quirks and I can see my dirty finger prints. Overall I got pretty used to it and love it.

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