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What is BlogRush and Why do I care?

Unless you have been very unobservant, you have probably noticed those little BlogRush widgets popping up all over the web. Have you wondered what they are? Why are people putting them all over their blogs? If you look to the right of this blog, you’d see that Ive had one placed on the sidebar for about a week.

What exactly is BlogRush and why do I care?

Well if your not a blogger or website owner, BlogRush might not mean much to you. For bloggers, this is the new thing that promises to bring traffic and pass around information. Here is a basic rundown of how it works.

  1. You sign up at BlogRush, add your URL and RSS Feed, then apply the widget to your blog
  2. Each widget displays 5 blog post or article headlines. the topics are related to your blog based on categories etc.
  3. Every time a page on your site with the widget loads (when someone visit your site) you get a credit
  4. For every credit you gain, one of your blog headlines will be pushed to a BlogRush widget embedded on another website.

You get 100 views, and a blog headline is pushed to another BlogRush widget 100 times. See how it works? Pretty much like Adsense, but you pay with page views. Knowing that much about the widget, you can now see why everyone is putting those widgets on their blogs.

Thats not all. If you have been keeping up with all of your favorite blogs, you’d also notice that a lot of people have been talking about BlogRush. Yea the more people that use it, the bigger the benefit to the BlogRush system in a whole. But the incentive is that you also get credit for referrals. Heres where it starts to sound like a pyramid scheme. Lets say you read my blog post about BlogRush. You click one of the links in the post and sign up. Well most of my links to BlogRush in this article have my affiliate code so that I get credit for referring you. Now when you install the widget on your website, and get views, not only do you get credits and have one of your headlines pushed to other sites, I also get partial credits because I referred you. When you refer someone, you get partial credit from the person you referred and I again get partial credit. The credits gets passed along to everyone.

It has become so popular that people are starting to give tips for better usage of the widget and everything else. They have even recently announced that they are going to add a selections of colors so that people can have the BlogRush widget fit better with your blog’s color scheme.

It is pretty interesting due to the fact that when you think about it, it is a pretty simple concept. But it is the first real “new thing” that has happened in a while.


  1. I added this widget to my blog, it don’t know how it’s going but i think it’s a great business!

  2. Do you know if this is A-OK with Google? This sounds somewhat similar to an earlier program in one of your post

  3. This is a little different than the other program I talked about. The other program automatically sent people to your webpage. This just shows headlines. Users still have to click on the link to get to your page. I would say its more like having your site listed on Text-link-ads, or using adwords, or even the Digg widget.

    That being said, I don’t know if there was anything official from Google said about this.

  4. I think BlogRush sounds like a great idea. I have been reading about it a little today though, and people seem to have mixed reviews on it. I’m going to try it out when I get my new wordpress blog up next month.

  5. Having just found your blog on Google, anyway thanks for sharing.

  6. BlogRush is really superb for generate lots of traffic and rank to your site. This is very useful for new website owners.

  7. BlogRush widgets popping up all over the web and is totally different from all other programs. Thanks for providing such a wonderful widgets.

  8. I no sure BlogRush will bring the traffic or not. But i feel that is matter of time when people will bore about this services.

  9. Personally I thought that the non-Seinfeld Microsoft commercials are so much better that the other ones. The ones with Seinfeld were kind of lame. They still have some way to go if they want to beat the Mac ads.

  10. I agree with Will – the non-Seinfeld microlost commercials are the better ones. Mac ads are *much* more imaginative, engaging and effective – I almost bought a Mac myself and I’m a dyed in the wool PC user since 1989…

  11. Now they look like professional!

  12. I love this commercial. Very interesting.

  13. I like the seinfeld advert. I think it’s daft enough to actually work.

  14. 300 million well spent lol

  15. I think the Seinfeld ads were just an over the top way to grab the public’s attention so when they dropped their real ads they had as many eyes as possible. The Seinfeld ads started a buzz that had people talking about Microsoft without the mention of the stigmatized Vista.

    The Seinfeld ads made no sense to me until the last one where they mentioned how Microsoft has connected tons of people.

    I love the subsequent ads. They kind of just completely kill the Mac v. PC ads. It shows PCs in a light of being more inclusive & Macs as being more elitist.

  16. I didn’t like the Seinfeld ads either but these subsequent ads do connect more. Agree with 8thlight there… the ads do highlight PCs as “us” and Macs as “them”.

  17. I love the new commercials. Mac people are very snobish. this is a nice blow to their inflated egos

  18. I think it was a light way at fighting back at the MAC commercials. It’s fun and friendly and I think it appealed to the windows people.

    I’m a fan of the “Life without windows is just walls” new commercials they have myself.

  19. Nice commercials. It’s creative way to make counter of Apple commercials.

  20. MAC vs Microsoft. Never been better. Yeah everyone is right. one way of fighting apple commercials.

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