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The grass is always greener, a DNN SEO plugin I wish was available to WordPress users

If you remember, back in October sometime I decided to switch blogging platforms at Jonzee.com. Before, Dotnetnuke was the framework I used at Jonzee.com but I got spoiled when I started this blog, using WordPress. I have to say, every since the switch, I have been loving not having to deal with Dotnetnuke anymore. It’s not that I didn’t like DNN, actually, I really like using it a lot. It is truly a great platform, but using it as a blogging platform was a little hard to do since DNN is geared more towards other types of websites.

I know people will not like hearing this, or will disagree but I think that a sufficiently skilled person could create a far more functional blog with DNN with a lot more features than they could with WordPress. The problem is you have to have the skills, and/or money. WordPress excels by having a lot of functionality freely available, easily implemented, and standardized. There is one thing that I had gotten used to that I really miss having in WordPress. That is XP Idea LLC’s SEO module.

Basically, what the SEO module for DNN does is auto-generate meta keywords and add them to all of the pages and post in your DNN blog. I know what you are thinking, “there are tons of plugins for WordPress that does that“. Ive tried many different keyword plugins for wordpress but none Ive run across so far does what the SEO plugin for DNN does. In WordPress, the typical keyword plugin takes your tags, categories, words you input yourself, or a combination of the three and add them to your meta data automatically. Which is great. It gets the job done.

The SEO module for Dotnetnuke, sometimes called Dynamic Keywords, scans the text on your page or blog post and automatically draw keywords out of what you have written. In WordPress, you still have to have something relevant already there for the keyword plugins to do its magic. For example, if you are using the all-in-one SEO pack for WordPress, the keywords are pulled from categories and tags you enter. You still have to make sure that your categories and/or tags you enter are optimal keywords for the blog post you have written to be the most effective. The main thing is that you have to still manually add keywords to your post.

The SEO module for DNN however will pick keywords for you, you dont have to add anything. The module also make efforts to pick the best keywords, or the most effective keywords, and can do that because it is getting the keywords from what is in the blog post. You still have the option to add keywords or phrases instead of or along with the auto-generated keywords, but many times you don’t have to do anything at all.

Another option that the SEO module for DNN has is keyword exclusions. You can optimize the module by going in and adding words that you do not want the module to insert as keywords. That is something that you have to do starting out or you will have a lot of words like “and“, “or“, “has” etc as keywords. Once you get most of those meaningless words added to your exclusion list, the module will work wonders for your website or blog.

The downfall, and this is a downfall for just about any DNN plugin or module, you have to pay for this module. The price is $29.99, which isn’t too expensive, but a lot more expensive than free, like most plugins for WordPress.

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