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Do you hate iTunes as much as I do? Try Media Monkey.

Ive said it before, I really hate the iTunes software. Ive stayed away from iPods since they were introduced years ago, not because of the software (I didn’t know how bad it was) but because I didn’t want my music to be locked down to one player. Ive had the iPhone now for about a year and a half and ... Read More »

Fieldrunners, a pretty addictive iPhone app (game)

You know, there are a lot of apps on the iPhone’s app store. Probably over 1000 by now. The problem is this 99% of those apps are worthless! Yea Ive downloaded a lot of the free apps, bought a few of the paid apps. Other than a handfull of of apps, most of the apps are just screen clutter. Untill ... Read More »