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Something is a little different over at Alexa…Rankings change!

Have you visited Alexa today? If you have you may have noticed that your Alexa rank is different than before. It may be higher. It may be lower. Whatever the case may be, there has been a change. Alexa has been secretly working on a new algorithm for a few months now, due to feedback they have gotten from the community. I know Ive read a lot of comments all over criticizing Alexa’s ranking system.

So whats different about Alexa’s ranking system.

AlexaIf you remember, Alexa’s ranking came from people who used the Alexa toolbar. I guess it could be a good for a general representation of where people go when they surf the web but how many people do you know that use the Alexa toolbar? I don’t, well except for the times when I was doing little experiments, No one I knew used it. The difference now, Alexa is pulling in information from several sources (that I think is undisclosed). Rankings should now have a better representation of who goes where online.

We’ll see how it works.

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