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New online radio station fee’s may cause Podcast growth.

Is the Podcasting arena about to grow? Thats what I thought when I first heard about the new royalty fee’s placed on online radio stations.

Those new fee’s will no doubt cause some some radio stations to shut down, especially since most of those stations maintain operations by collecting donations. Todd from Geek News Central mentioned how he thinks that listeners of those stations may start to listen to more non music based stations and/or Podcast if these stations start to shut down. I didn’t think about it that way when I first heard about the fee’s, but it does make sense.

What I did think is if those station operators are forced to shut down due to the fee’s placed on operating the online radio stations, they may start to create non music based stations or Podcast.

Right now there are tons of Podcast and more starting every day….I’m a Podcaster. The competition is pretty stiff. So thats is something that will affect a lot of Podcasters if there is more competition introduced to the arena.

Most Podcasters do it for fun, Some for money.

Either way, most would like to make a buck or two

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