What things would you like to see happen or change in 2009? I’m talking about things online, software and tech related. Ive been thinking about a few things, some that fall more under gadgets and electronics. But here, where I talk mostly about software, and the web, I have a few new year wishes that I would like to share with you.

5 software and web related New year wishes

1. Android live disk or full install for PC’s

I really wish Google would release a version of Android that will run on a PC, without windows. Why couldn’t this happen? Android can pretty much be used with any cell phone (if a manufacturer chooses to use it) why couldn’t there be a live disk that you can slap in a laptop and boot into the Android OS. Or better yet, install it on a netbook and use Android instead of Windows XP or Linux. As far as the very basic features of a PC (What most people use) Android has enough functionality.

Ok Google, make it happen!!!

2. I wish for a new trend to overtake the “social” trend of web 2.0

For a few years now, just about every website that has made it into “popularity” did so because of the wildly addictive social aspect of that website. Honestly, I think the whole social thing is getting a little boring. People are running out of ideas which is leading to a lot of duplication of ideas. I feel that right now, the whole “web 2.0 / social” idea is at a plateau and something new and different needs to come along. What that could be, I dunno. But with the economic problems here in the US (And world wide to be honest) maybe some ideas will come about that will bring along a new set of trends and make thing exciting again.

3. I wish Amazon would create a music store/manager app that works with all music players

Amazon.com has a really nice music store, a very good alternative to iTunes. The problem? There is no stand-alone application associated with the Amazon music store to compete with iTunes…and to a lesser extent, the Zune software. The reason why an Amazon app seems like the best fit to me?  If there is a music player agnostic music store/ application, the need to keep buying the same brand over and over will go away. If I like the iPod this year, but the Zune next year, I don’t have to stick with the iPod because I like to use iTunes (which i actually dislike iTunes). Or if a cool looking Archos or Sony player is released, I can buy that player and still have everything that I had with my last player because the Amazon app just transfers everything from one to the other. See how great that sounds?

4. Of coarse, I wish for Windows 7

Unlike many people, I have had very little problems with Windows Vista, and I actually prefer Vista to any other OS. I am very looking forward to Windows 7 and I wish for it’s release in 09 (which I think it will). To tell you the truth, I don’t know why I’m looking forward Windows 7, I haven’t played with the beta, haven’t read much about it so I don’t even know what to expect. All I know is that I like to try out new “official” operating systems, and I feel that all the bashing Vista has taken quite a bit of a beating this year (all of which I think was negative hype). Im hoping that negativity has forced them to do something really good the next go around.

5. Leo Laporte, John C Dvorak and Robert Heron to join Revision 3

I know, this one is a long shot, but why not? Out of all the individual project the old “the screensavers” guys are affiliated with, I think that Revision 3 is the most likely to have them all consolidate. Wouldn’t you love to see Patrick Norton, Leo, John and the rest of the cast all together again? I can see John and Robert joining Rev 3, but Leo I think is a little too proud. Leo’s Twit and other podcast are doing well themselves and they don’t need the consolidation but it would be a nice wish