Ive talked about podcast that are new to me, that have become a few of my favourites, Now lets talk about a few of the podcast that I find I don’t listen to as much anymore.

The Pet Fish Talk Podcast

I’ll be honest, when I first found out about the Fish Talk podcast, I was really addicted. I listened to every episode faithfully, all 2+ hours of each episode. While my feelings about this podcast hasn’t changed, I find that I really don’t want to listen to the 2+ hours anymore. Don’t get me wrong, I still listen to it, just not every episode anymore, and its last on my list when I que up my playlist.

Buzz Out Loud

Here is another podcast, a daily podcast, that was on my “must listen” list that I haven’t listened to in months. The reason? The 404. Yea, its pretty simple, with the variety of podcast I like to listen too, I only have room for 1 daily podcast. The 404 (also a cnet podcast) has won me over and made me pretty much forget about Buzz Out Loud. I did however listened to an episode of BOL the other day and noticed that they pretty much have a all new cast…well not all new, Molly and Tom are still there, but there are a few additions. I think those additions are enough to make me give them a second try.

All of Leo Laport’s Podcast except TWIT

I use to listen too Net@Night, the Munchcast, Windows weekly, security now and TWIT. I lost interest in security now and Windows weekly completely. Net@Night, Im still interested, and I still listen, but just not as much, I may catch it once a month now. Twit, however, I still listen too every week. I have become a big fan of Jason Calacanis and John C Dvorak.


I’m sorry, I love listening to Robert Heron, but the show just isn’t the same without Roger Chang and/or Patrick Norton. I still catch it once in a while. I wish Robert heron would join rev 3 or Leo laport so I can start listening to him again.