I rarely use Twitter, I’m more of a lurker than Twitter-er. I have a Facebook page but I really don’t use it much, other than to see what others are doing. Ive never signed up to Friend Feed. Should I be using those apps/services more?

This question has been on my mind every since I listened to an episode of Twit a couple weeks. A few of the guest were talking about how using services such as Friend Feed and Twitter were starting to become their main focus…with blogging being put on the back-burner.

Is this something to watch or is it “inside baseball”?

I ask myself this question because sometimes, in the tech world, things will end up being “inside baseball”. Trends, talk, or topics that only those handful of “blogging elitist” care about. Those services usually live and die by the hype those guys (or gals) are able to keep going. Sometimes that hype is enough to push those apps forward, beyond the “cool guys” of tech. Sometimes it isn’t.

Apps like Twitter has slowly been going beyond that circle and I would almost have to say that President Obama had as much to do with it as anyone else. Not only did Obama using Twitter help his campaign, it also gave Twitter the ultimate legitimacy in the world beyond the Twit crowd, or Gillmor gang followers.

If everyone started shifting their focus to those services, what will become of blogs…and blogging? What will be left to surf when you are looking for information online? or just general reading material? I cant see those collections of 1 or 2 sentence per post services being enough for people that want real info, but it has its place.