You know what, I am tired of reading stories about games like Crysis blaming their low sales on pirating. In a recently dugg story at shack news, the creators are sitting back talking about piracy and how its sad, and they are going to forego the PC market as far as being exclusive. They somehow got figures of 20 copies pirated for every 1 sold.

Crytek, I’m here to tell you…

Crysis has (had) low sales numbers because of Crysis.

Ive played a little bit of Crysis, and while I liked what I played, and I thought it was an excellent game when it comes to some of whats being done in the game. It is not the “Big game” you guys think it is.

  • Its generic and forgetful
  • Its buggy (at launch anyway)
  • It runs bad
  • It was marketed as the game no one can run.

That’s why it has low sale numbers. How dare you create a game where the graphics is the biggest draw but target systems no one has. Especially in today’s gaming age when gamers are over games in a month. There are perfectly decent looking games on the 2 major gaming consoles (Xbox 360 and PS3). If you make a game with future gamers in mind as far as technical specs, then current gamers aren’t going to by the game. You know why? Cause they cant play it.

Yea you can tone the graphics down, but I’m sorry Crytek, the visuals are THE best quality of that game. If you don’t have the visuals, COD4 is good enough and gamers don’t need Crysis. Before looking at piracy, or blaming gamers take a look at your game. Out of all my personal friends that are gamers, none of them has played Crysis. They all think of Crysis as the game they cant run on their system and none of them knows how to pirate games. Those are customers Crytek doesn’t have, that didn’t pirate the game, that they missed out on because of Crysis itself.

Id even go so far as to say those pirated numbers are inflated because of how you chose to market the game, not how well the game is or the interest.  Most of the pirates that downloaded the game did so not because they want to play the game and get it for free, they want to see what all the hubbub is about but don’t want to pay money for a game they know they cant run. Many probably never even installed the game once it was downloaded, and the ones that did probably never even played more than an hour.

To me, bragging about a games graphics is silly if you cant get those graphics on the standard hardware. What achievement is it to pack in graphical features no one can take advantage of? That would be like selling an HDTV with no HD content anywhere to be found…what a minute, that was done. But you get the picture.

Try making a good game that can run on standard PCs and if it gets pirated, then complain. Dont blame your mediocre game on gamers