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An evening with Google Chrome

Well I’m a day late with this post but I happen to spend a good amount of time with Google Chrome after the download was made available Tuesday. What do I think? Well lets first go through my experience (briefly) and I’ll get to that.

Download and installation was pretty standard for me. Chrome installed then asked if I wanted to transfer my settings and bookmarks from Firefox, so I did. Then I booted into Chrome. The first thing I noticed was that my browser history from Firefox was also transferred over, almost as if I was still using Firefox from the minute or 2 before I installed Chrome. There was a home page that shows snapshot images of some of your recently visited webpages. The browser itself looked decent. it has that Google plain look to it, almost like a stripped down version of IE but web pages looked pretty good.

After visiting some of my most used web pages, I went to Youtube and got the familiar “Plugin needed” message. So I clicked on the message to download flash, it installed, I restarted Chrome and still no flash content. I tried it several times then went to see if others were having this problem. At the time I didn’t see anything talking about it so I dug a little broader in my search and found out that the newest beta version of Java was needed. So I downloaded and installed that and all of the embed videos from various websites started working.

Downloading, another problem (bug)

When I went to download Java, I ran into a little problem. Dont know if this is a bug or something wrong with my system but my download would start and a few seconds in, it would hang. I tried several times then I just loaded IE8 and downloaded the version of Java I needed. The same was happening with embedded video. It would buffer, start playing, then after a few seconds it would hang. I never found a solution to that problem and just avoided downloading and streaming for the rest of my Chrome use.

Over all, My experience with Google Chrome was about the same as my experience with Firefox. I used it all day Tuesday and started Wed back with my combination of Firefox and IE8. So Far I think Google Chrome is good enough to make a your full time browser, but not enough new or better features to leave either Firefox or IE8 to use Chrome. Ive had my fill of Chrome, and while I think it was “ok” I probably wont use it much at all.

My Likes

  • The nice clean look
  • The ability to detach tabs into its own window (and re-attach them)
  • The “Incognito” setting (which IE8 already does and Firefox with a extension)
  • Search built into the address bar

My Dislikes

  • In full screen mode, it takes away access to the taskbar (youhave to hit the windows key or minimize Chrome)
  • Lack of options, and a lot of things (like the bookmarks bar) are disabled by default.
  • No extensions (which isn’t a big deal as I only use a few with Firefox).
  • Your browsing history being on the homepage by default (I hate that).
  • Not many, but some major bugs
  • Google is probably logging everything you view or type for whatever nefarious reason (I’ll get to that in a later blog post)

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