I mentioned in my previous post about chrome that I didn’t think I would use it as my permanent browser. There is a reason why I said that. Something happened to me a long while ago that has stuck with me. I blogged about it. You can read that blog to get the full details but here is the gist of what happened to me in the past.

I had Adsense for a while, hadn’t made any money, was new to blogging. I signed up to blogexplosion which is an auto-surf style website that is suppose to help you get traffic. After a while I signed up for google analytics and installed the code on the website. Shortly after I get a email from Google telling me that blog explosion was bad.

Like I said thats the short story, but the point of it is that before I installed analytics on my website, nobody cared if I was using blogexplosion. Why is it that all of a sudden the complaint came once I installed Google’s solution. Then I thought about it and figured that with analytics installed, Google has complete first hand info about what is going on on my website. I figured that first hand information was used to find out that blogexplosion was being used on my site.

Since then I removed blogexplosion and Google analytics. Told myself I will never use analytics again and I haven’t. Now that Chrome is released, making that your full time browser would give Google that same first hand information. This time it would be first hand info on what you are doing online.

Thinking about the Blogexplosion / analytics situation, do I really want to give Google that much info first hand again?